Another scoop top, fabric shopping & a break from sewing

I’ve been wearing my purple Scoop top at least once a week so I’ve decided it’s time to make another one. For my second scoop top, I used a pretty floral burnout tissue jersey fabric and I was expecting it to be a difficult one to sew with but surprisingly it wasn’t. I think a walking foot + zigzag stitch + ballpoint needle really does the trick for knit fabrics. This jersey curled up like crazy though but that was my only issue while making the top. After making the shirt, I googled on how to stop the curling and I found a recipe of starch and water using a spray bottle from four square walls so I will definitely try it next time.




Fabric Shopping!

We were in Hong Kong last weekend to attend a wedding and well since we were there I had to go see the fabric shops at least. So for our last day in Hong Kong (we were only there for 2 days!), we checked in our bags at the Kowloon MTR Station and braved our way to Ki Lung Street (Sham Shui Po MTR) with Simon and I alternately carrying the sleeping muppet. I remember researching about this famous shopping street but I don’t recall seeing anywhere that the shops are closed on Sundays! Boo! All was not lost because we found 2 fabric shops that were open, that’s good enough for me. I bought 380 HK dollars (around 60 SGD) worth of 12 meters of assorted jersey fabrics. Actually I’m not sure if that’s yards or meters because the Auntie did not speak English at all so we were using sign language and calculator the whole time. But fabrics in HK are definitely so much cheaper compared here in Singapore and that first shop alone had a lot, I was overwhelmed and only bought jersey because they’re the hardest to get in Singapore. The 2nd fabric shop only had swatches of fabrics on display and I read that you can only order and get the fabrics after 3 days so I didn’t bother to look. I also bought around 30 meters of assorted ribbons worth 80 HK dollars (13 sgd)! I can make the muppet more Lazy days skirt. Simon said it was a good thing that the hundreds of fabric and haberdashery shops were closed or we would be late for our flight. He had a point.





swatches of fabrics on display


Li Kung Street is closed on Sundays


the only fabric shop that’s open on Sundays


so many fabrics! and laces!


Simon & muppet hanging out outside the fabric shop


more laces and fabrics

photo (10)

shopping loot!

And my last piece of news is that I’m forced to take a break from sewing because we’re moving next week and I’ve already packed all my sewing stuff. But I’ll have my own sewing room finally (that is if we don’t have guests), it’s actually sewing room slash guest room so I’m excited to decorate it! 🙂


oliver + s lazy days skirts

Muppet’s into wearing skirts last week so I thought I’d make her some. I found this free Lazy days skirt pattern from oliver + s and I made 2 last weekend. I think I made the pink elephant skirt in 1 hour or less. The watermelon skirt took a bit more time because I ran out of ribbons, and I couldn’t decide if I should put ric racs instead but in the end I just used a bias tape to accentuate the bottom of the skirt. It’s a really good pattern for beginners like me, and the muppet wore them during the entire weekend so it really made me happy. She’s finally wearing something I made and she really loves them. I might make her some more soon.


I always thought it’s so cute when sewing bloggers use washi tape to display a kid’s clothing so I had to try it


But I think my washi tape’s a bit flimsy so this was what I got most of time while trying to take a photo of the pink skirt




I was planning to put 2 strips of the blue bias tape to the Watermelon skirt but I got lazy. Anyway, I didn’t use the recommended 3/4 wide elastic because I didn’t have one so I might replace the elastic one day and add that second strip of blue bias tape 🙂




Yup, that’s her bathing suit under her skirt. And she’s carrying a bucket too. We’re on our way here to the water park but as always the cat distracted her.


She wore it at the playground too