Submitted for the approval of the Yellow skirt gang, I call this skirt “The grapefruit Chardon”

*The title is a line from “Are you afraid of the dark?”, an American tv show I used to watch with my younger brother and sister in the early 90’s. It didn’t sound cheesy back then haha

A few weeks back, Alex formed the Yellow skirt gang so we can all sew up our dream yellow skirts together. I was hoping to make a mustard linen Deer and Doe’s Chardon skirt like Paunnet’s or Roobeedoo’s but I couldn’t find the right mustard shade that I wanted so I told myself while I am still looking for that elusive mustard, I can sew up a printed yellow skirt first. The fabric is Dancing Harvest in Wheat from Art Gallery Fabrics’ Bijoux Collection which to me looks like a bunch of half grapefruits. I ordered 2 yards for 21 dollars from an etsy online shop Laughinghousefabric based here in Singapore (Yay! Super cheap shipping cost at last).


My first Chardon’s waistband facing turned out much longer than the skirt’s waist, so this time I took my sweet time and marked all of the inverted box pleats markings with a tracing wheel and carbon paper. It paid off because this time my waist seams matched perfectly! Also, sadly after washing my first Chardon in the washing machine, some of the belt loops were starting to unravel as well as the bottom tips of the inverted pleats. So for my second Chardon, I reinforced the box pleats and belt  loops by doing lots of backward and forward stitches.

I didn’t have a yellow zipper so I watched this video and read this post countless times, and it helped so much in installing my first invisible zipper. Whew! If I only knew it was this easy, I should not have avoided so many patterns with zippers in them haha, I was surprised it was even easier to install than the centered zipper. Lucky for me, the Auntie who sold me my sewing machine gave me this invisible zipper foot for free.



I also finally bought  some labels for my handmade clothes, I saw them first from Roobeedoo’s yellow skirt and I really loved them! Until now, Wentworth’s letter to Anne still kills me so “I am half agony, half hope” it is. Anyway, that’s how I feel sometimes when I’m unpicking stitches in the middle of the night haha. Oh, and I got them from Scrapiana who lives in Bath! She’s really nice too.


Yay a Persuasion label! And I used the leftover hot pink bias binding from the skirt’s hem for the waist facing


My nearly invisible zipper, if only I bothered to pattern match the fruits

My only regret in making this skirt was using a much too lightweight interfacing for the waist facing. After hours of sitting in the office, the waist band part looks a bit crumpled as evident in the photos. Oh well, will I have the guts to unpick my careful hand stitching (ha!) of the skirt facing to the zipper  so I can add a more substantial interfacing? I don’t know, I’m lazy. But I’m really happy with this skirt and I’m not at all done with my Chardon pattern yet. Now, where do I get a mustard linen fabric…