I’ve finally made a dress! (the Mission Maxi dress)

Ever since I saw verypurpleperson’s starry Maxi dress, I really wanted to make one. It looked so comfy and girly and according to Novita, it’s a very easy make. So I ordered my pattern at sewsquirrel, along with 6 other patterns (ha!) because Sarah offers a flat international shipping rate of 3aud. The pattern was not so easy to trace because it’s a tissue pattern and I had to tape 2 tracing papers together due to the pattern pieces being very long. I think the hardest part on making this dress was cutting it, everything else was very straightforward. I made a size 8 even though my waistline was 2.5 inches wider than the size 8 measurement but I think it turned out ok. Maybe my muffin top is a bit obvious but I don’t care! I love it, I wore it to a barbecue last Sunday and it was everything I wanted it to be – comfy and effortless and girly. The only change I made was cutting off 4 inches from the hem because I’m short at 5’3″. I also left it unhemmed. Simon (the other half) really liked it and the muppet called me “the prince” which actually means princess so she definitely liked it too.

I didn’t get a proper photo of the dress during the barbecue so it’s a good thing my friend Anet came over tonight, she wanted to see the dress because she bought the same fabric. She also helped take a few photos so I can finally post them here. Thanks Anetski!


My Me-Made-May entry for Week 1 (May 5)



I’ll definitely make another one, maybe in a solid colour using View C Godet Dress Maxi.
Zigzag stitch – I used: Tension – 5, Stitch width – 1.5, Stitch length- 2
Twin needle – I used: Tension -5, Sitch width – 0, Stitch Length – 2.5

The sums:
Jamie Christina’s Mission Maxi pattern: 16 aud (20 sgd)
1.5m of 60-inch Purple cotton knit from Thye Guan Textile #02-1006 People’s Park: 19.50 sgd
Total: 39.50 sgd


Muppet’s aqua dress

After making 3 tops for me, I tried to be not so selfish and made a dress for muppet last weekend. Again, I got this pattern even before I bought a sewing machine. It’s a Heidi & Finn Pattern from Etsy. It’s called “The Perfect Little Party dress” and it’s supposed to be an easy sew. It wasn’t for me. The pattern said cut 4 bow strips (which were slanted at the end) but when it was time to put 2 strips right side facing each other, the slanted ends were of course facing opposite directions and I couldn’t sew them together. I had to cut 2 more strips to fix it. Other than that, most of my issues were my own fault. I used french seams everywhere but my fabric was not that thin so my seams looked bulky on some places especially the arm holes. And then when it was time to insert the elastic inside the casing, the safety pin opened while it was still inside the casing and pricked my finger. And to top it all, I didn’t read the instructions properly so instead of a seam allowance of 3/8, I used 5/8. Argh! I think that’s why the waistband was quite high. But the dress still turned out pretty cute and muppet twirled a lot while showing it to Simon.

I couldn’t get a proper photo of muppet while wearing the dress because she wouldn’t stop moving, here are some photos of her last night:


She didn’t want to wear it at first because it wasn’t pink


She was trying see the bow in the mirror


She likes to look at my sewing books


Pretty pink roses in the fabric, I’ll definitely make a top for me using this fabric

Yellow gingham dress


It’s still too big on her but she tried it on because she fancied the heart pockets. It took me a while to figure out how to sew this and I’m quite happy with it – a few wonky stitches here and there but it looks like a dress to me haha. I followed the pattern’s instructions except for the interfacing the facing(?) because I didn’t have an interfacing fabric at hand and I didn’t hand stitch the hem because I was lazy. But there you go, Project #2 finished!



The sums:
McCall 3481 pattern – 5 usd (6sgd)
1 meter of gingham fabric from Spotlight – 7sgd

Total -13 sgd

Project #1: pillowcase dress for muppet

The tutorials I found online to make this dress said they can finish one dress in 30 minutes, I did it in 4 hours haha. I used a 1-meter 100% cotton fabric with a name “Take a holiday” and I’ve cut it exactly in half. Simon convinced me not to follow the instructions I found because it will take more time and I believed him, him who has never held a needle and thread in his life over the sewing experts. I didn’t know sewing an armhole could be that complicated. My stitches were so crooked at the armhole that Simon even cringed when I showed it to him. I was planning to use those convenient bias tapes but I bought a single fold instead of a double fold, in the end I still used it to cover up the stitches on the armholes and I think it worked.

I am happy with the outcome, and I was thrilled to see muppet wearing it. It was quite big on her so I think we might need to wait for a few more months before she can wear it.

Steps on how I did it: (do not follow this, I’m only writing it so I can laugh at it someday)
1. Cut 1-meter fabric in half. (this is for a 3 year old)
2. Use overlock stitch to the top and bottom edge of the fabric. I didn’t do it on the right and left edges because they were selvages (self-finished edges of a fabric so it shouldn’t fray? Maybe I should have had?)
3. Hem the entire bottom fabric. Iron.
4. Fold the fabric, right sides facing together, and stitch them together forming a tube of fabric. Iron.
5. Fold again, then draw a J-shape that will serve as the armhole. I used 2 inches by 4 inches. Then cut.
6. Apply overlock stitch on the armholes and then fold and stitch. This was the ugly part. Iron to make it look better but in my case it was still ugly.
7. Apply bias tapes by pinning them to the armholes. Stitch the bias tapes. Iron.
8. Fold 1 inch of fabric to use as the casing for the ribbon. Stitch down the casings. Iron.
9. Treat the ribbon by getting it close to a flame so it will not fray.
10. Thread the ribbons in the casings, stitch the ribbon in the middle of the casing so it won’t come out. Iron. I didn’t know sewing involves so much ironing! Ugh!

I used mostly her instructions: http://sewlikemymom.com/easiest-pillowcase-dress-ever-serger-edition/



the armhole which took me more than 1 hour to make




she had fun twirling in it

The sums:
1 meter fabric – 9 sgd (I used half meter only)
2 pieces of 44 inches ribbon – 60 cents
bias tape – 80 cents ( I used only 1/4 of it)
Total – 10.40 sgd