Skirt as top’s Scoop tee

I just made a Mission Maxi dress (to be blogged later) using this blue diagonal fabric, and I had a leftover of around 1 meter so I thought I’d make a Megan Nielsen Briar shirt. But then I realized the sleeves will look really odd if I can’t pattern-match them with the rest of the shirt so I’d have to make a sleeveless Briar which is not a bad option until I saw Skirt as top’s free Scoop top pattern. Kristin is only offering one size which is a small/medium for now and it’s perfect because that’s just about my size and I won’t worry about matching those diagonal lines because it has a french/dolman sleeve.

I recently made a maroon Briar which is very similar to this shirt, and Kristin’s tutorial was very easy to follow so making this was quite quick for me. I omitted the pockets because the pattern is busy enough and the only mistake I made was cutting the neckband on the short end because I didn’t read the instructions properly. I realized it only when I was pinning the neckband and it was just impossible to lay it flat on the neckline, I read the tutorial again and after cutting my neckband on the long end, everything was a breeze. I made it yesterday and I’m wearing it to work today and I love the fit, and oh it’s my first entry to Me-Made-May ’13. Thanks Kristin for the lovely pattern πŸ™‚


Trying the shirt on after hemming


I took advantage of our office’s ladies room lighting and the fact that it was empty. Me-Made-May for Week 1 (May 6)



The sums:
Skirt as top’s scoop top – free! Thanks Kristin!
1 meter of knit fabric from Thye Guan Textile #02-1006 People’s Park – 13 sgd
Total: 13 sgd


2 thoughts on “Skirt as top’s Scoop tee

  1. I love this so much!! Thanks for leaving me a link, it looks really great on you and the print is perfect! I think it’s so great you wore it to work, too. That shows confidence in your sewing. πŸ˜€

  2. Thanks Kristin! πŸ™‚ I’d definitely make a few more. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but If I finish sewing something, I have to wear it the next day. And thanks for leaving a comment, it’s my blog’s first one πŸ™‚

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