I’ve finally made a dress! (the Mission Maxi dress)

Ever since I saw verypurpleperson’s starry Maxi dress, I really wanted to make one. It looked so comfy and girly and according to Novita, it’s a very easy make. So I ordered my pattern at sewsquirrel, along with 6 other patterns (ha!) because Sarah offers a flat international shipping rate of 3aud. The pattern was not so easy to trace because it’s a tissue pattern and I had to tape 2 tracing papers together due to the pattern pieces being very long. I think the hardest part on making this dress was cutting it, everything else was very straightforward. I made a size 8 even though my waistline was 2.5 inches wider than the size 8 measurement but I think it turned out ok. Maybe my muffin top is a bit obvious but I don’t care! I love it, I wore it to a barbecue last Sunday and it was everything I wanted it to be – comfy and effortless and girly. The only change I made was cutting off 4 inches from the hem because I’m short at 5’3″. I also left it unhemmed. Simon (the other half) really liked it and the muppet called me “the prince” which actually means princess so she definitely liked it too.

I didn’t get a proper photo of the dress during the barbecue so it’s a good thing my friend Anet came over tonight, she wanted to see the dress because she bought the same fabric. She also helped take a few photos so I can finally post them here. Thanks Anetski!


My Me-Made-May entry for Week 1 (May 5)



I’ll definitely make another one, maybe in a solid colour using View C Godet Dress Maxi.
Zigzag stitch – I used: Tension – 5, Stitch width – 1.5, Stitch length- 2
Twin needle – I used: Tension -5, Sitch width – 0, Stitch Length – 2.5

The sums:
Jamie Christina’s Mission Maxi pattern: 16 aud (20 sgd)
1.5m of 60-inch Purple cotton knit from Thye Guan Textile #02-1006 People’s Park: 19.50 sgd
Total: 39.50 sgd