Endless Summer Tunic #2

So I made another Endless Summer Tunic. This time, I used an Art Gallery voile named Floret Stains Mulberry by Katarina Rocella. This voile was light and silky and soft and a little bit sheer and very pretty, I loved it for this tunic. I used the enclosed straight seam finish seams that I found in Oliver+S blog for my middle seams both in front and back, I really like it especially for light fabrics like this voile. For the side seams, I was hoping to french seam them but I couldn’t figure out how to do it with in-seam pockets so in the end I just overlocked them.

Like my first tunic, I still made it using size 37″ which was the smallest size, and I still struggled attaching the yoke to the back main tunic. I just couldn’t figure out how to ease the yoke to the back tunic properly. So for my next project, I’ve decided to try the Oliver+S Ice cream dress. I love Oliver+S instructions so I think it can teach me a thing or two about yokes. I’m also not very happy with my front shoulder gathers, they look very uneven to me but all in all I love this tunic and I’ve been wearing it at least once a week since I made it.










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