The pink apron

I gave in. She loves pink. Pink makes her happy. So I got her a lot of pink items for her new “kitchen”. I even made her a pink apron filled with cupcake prints. When I gave these to her, she kissed me and said “I love you Mum!”. I think I’m starting to like pink.

I used a free apron pattern from livingwithpunks and the fit is spot on for my 3 year old muppet. I even made an extra apron if her friend drops by for a playdate. I used a half yard of Quaint Cupcakes in Pink by Michael Miller from my favorite Singapore online shop of fun prints LaughingHouseFabric, and the fabric is really lovely especially those tiny gold glitters embellished on the cupcakes. The apron is also reversible and I used Robert Kaufmann’s Brussels Washer in denim, it’s soft for a linen because of the rayon content so I’m thinking making a top out of this fabric.


I took this picture too late because the apron is already stained with crushed m&ms. Simon said the purpose of the apron is to get dirty anyway and he’s right as always.


One for her and one for her friend


a closeup of the yummy fabric

I also used my “I love you” label from Scrapiana. I got it at the same time as my Persuasion labels but I got these sweet labels specifically to use for some unselfish sewing. Eirlys from Scrapiana mentioned my yellow skirt in her blog post. Yay!


I love you label 🙂


the apron in action




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