Yellow skirt gang update: The yellow polka dot Chardon

Okay, so I’m in the middle of a holiday with my girlfriends right now but today is the last day to post this entry for the yellow skirt gang so I shamelessly asked my friend to take photos of my new yellow skirt. The fabric is a yellow polka dot cotton I almost forgot that I have, I bought 2 meters of it from a fabric shop in Banbury last August. It is exactly same make as my first yellow skirt, I chose the Deer and Doe’s Chardon skirt in size 42 and length 34. I think I’ll try a longer version for my next one, it’s quite short for climbing really steep 9th century Hindu/Buddhist temples 🙂

We are currently staying at the beautiful Phoenix Hotel in Yogyakarta, Indonesia so I took advantage of the gorgeous backdrop and dragged my friend out of the poolside to take some photos.





I used my lovely label “I am half hope, half agony” from Scrapiana


And royal blue bias tape for the hem


Here’s my first yellow skirt in action in Candi Plaosan with the girlfriends


And what’s a holiday without some fabric shopping? Yogyakarta was brimming of fabric shops! That’s my fabric they’re cutting at 5sgd a meter.



happy with my loot


I finally found the perfect shade of mustard in precious indian linen at 11usd per meter only. Alex, extend the deadline again! haha


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