Polka dot Sureau

It took me over a month to finish this dress. I chose to make a straight size 40 even though my actual waistline said I should grade to size 42 on the waist. So it was of course too tight when I tried it on and in the end I had to release 1cm each to the back bodice darts and use 1cm as seam allowance instead of 1.5cm for the bodice side seams. The neckline was also gaping so I had to unpick all the neckline topstitching to pinch 1/2 inch from the shoulder seam, after wearing it for a day I realized I might have removed too much because the shoulders look like they’re being pulled down. I’ve never made so much adjustments in making a dress before so I feel I’ve learned a lot.

The pattern is Sureau from Deer and Doe, it’s a beginner pattern and I made the sleeveless version. The fabric is a navy polka dot 100% cotton fabric I got from Spotlight for 9 sgd a meter and it’s a very easy fabric to work with. I especially love the bust gathers, I wore it to work yesterday and everyday (honestly!) my officemates would ask if I made what I’m wearing but yesterday they didn’t. Or probably they just didn’t care haha. Anyway, have you tried Deer and Doe? I want to get all of their patterns and make them NOW.




The bust gathers are actually uneven but I don’t think you’d notice. I love them gathers 🙂






And I finally got myself a sewing teacher, she’s a Dutch/Kiwi quilt artist who also teaches kids how to sew and I’m her first adult student. She taught me how to make tailor’s tacks, hand baste and install my first ever zipper, wrap my thread tails figure 8 to make my gathers and she showed me never to be afraid in using my unpicker. My next project with her is an Archer shirt! It’s just a 2-hour session twice a month but it’s such a treat for me :).


My first time to make tailor’s tacks


my first zipper

Yellow skirt gang update: Looking for a mustard linen is not easy at all, I’ve been to Chinatown the other day and mustard doesn’t seem to be a popular color in the shops here. I’ve decided to get a mustard-y print for now from a local online shop and make a Chardon this weekend.



4 thoughts on “Polka dot Sureau

  1. Cute sureau, love the fabric and your wouldn’t have thought there were problems with fit, looks great on you! I haven’t found the right mustard fabric yet (or decided on the pattern) but I really must get a move on if I want to meet the deadline!

    • Thanks Janey! 🙂 I think the shoulders need adjusting but I don’t have the heart to unpick again. As for my yellow skirt, I’ve already cut my mustard printed fabric into another chardon but that’s about it. I still want to get a nice mustard linen.I hope you find your perfect fabric soon!

  2. Ahh can’t believe I missed this! I have the Sureau pattern but still waiting for the right fabric for it – as ever! It looks really sweet without sleeves, and love the button choice! Want to make mine now! And super cool fabric for your mustard skirt! Love it – think a Chardon would look great with a print. Looking forward to seeing it!

    • Thanks Alex! Good luck in finding the right fabric for your Sureau. I’d like to make another Sureau too, this time using the correct size hehe. I just finished my yellow Chardon, I’ll try and blog about it tonight 🙂

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