Chambray Chardon skirt

I made a skirt! It’s my first ever skirt by the way. I wear dresses and jeans but never skirts because I don’t tuck shirts in (that’s how you wear skirts, right?) but I thought I’d give it a try. I wore it today at work and I’m very happy with the fit. I might just sew skirts from now on actually haha. The pattern is Chardon skirt from Deer and Doe, I made a size 42 with length as size 38 and the fit is just right. I think I got over excited on sewing the inverted box pleats because when it was time to attach the skirt with the waistband, the waistband was more than an inch longer. I think it’s an excellent beginner pattern and I’m already planning on my next Chardon with contrasting hem band and ribbon tie at the back. The fabric is a very nice, more of a medium-weight chambray I got in the Philippines for 11sgd a meter, I used less than 1.5 meters of the 60″ fabric and I think I might just have enough left for the contrast hem band on my next skirt.


My tea break buddies and I were on our way to the office cafeteria when I asked them to take photos of my skirt. Thanks Joseph for the photos!


Quite windy here so you can see a bit of my yellow pocket



I wish I had chosen a blue thread, the white thread shows every crooked stitch


Yellow bias tape for the hem. And I used my new overlocker to finish the seams. Well, not really new, it’s a second-hand Brother 1034D I got for 99 quid on eBay on my last UK trip. Well worth lugging it all the way back to Singapore.


Happy yellow polka dot pockets, and they’re super roomy too. I love these pockets.

And speaking of skirts, Alex just formed the Yellow Skirt Gang and I’m now a gang member. We’re going to sew yellow skirts of any shade or pattern so it’s just perfect for the skirt phase I’m going through right now. Time to shop for yellow fabrics then 🙂


6 thoughts on “Chambray Chardon skirt

  1. It’s beautiful! What gorgeous fabric! And I love how you’ve done the hem! It’s so pretty. Looks lovely on you. I definitely need to dig this pattern out again. I think I owned one skirt before I started sewing them and now I’ve got about five or six – and still going hehe.
    Really weird to see the Yellow Skirt Gang button on someone else’s blog – but really quite exciting! So looking forward to seeing what you make!

    • Thanks Alex! 🙂 If I only knew skirts are so easy to wear, it’s actually perfect for the Singapore weather because it’s just too hot and sticky for skinny jeans here.I love that yellow skirt gang button by the way, was that your handwriting? And I can’t wait to sew my yellow skirt, let’s just dye fabrics if we can’t find the perfect mustard shade haha

      • I’ve already been looking up dye ratios :p Thanks about the button! Sadly it’s not my handwriting – I wish mine was that cool! It’s a font I downloaded called SkinnyChick.

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