The Staple dress

I’m very happy with this dress that I’m wearing it to work today. I’ve seen so many beautiful versions of it like Meredith’s and Abbey’s and Rae’s that I finally bought the paper pattern last week. This is by the way April Rhodes’ The Staple dress pattern. I love it that she used nice thick white paper instead of tissue paper so it was so much easier to trace. It’s tagged as a beginner pattern and I learned new skills like shirring, pinked seams and hidden pockets! I worked on it for 3 nights (I’m very slow) and I was so nervous about the shirring that I was tempted to leave it out because I already liked the dress with a belt when I tried it on. I practiced a lot that the 10m reel was almost used up by the time I finish the dress and what worked for me (my machine’s a Brother NV30 and I I used Gutermann elastic thread) was giving it a bit of tension when I was winding the elastic thread in my bobbin. I tried at first winding the thread without stretching but it ended flat and didn’t gather at all. Anyway, I followed the pattern’s instructions and blasted the shirring with steam and the shirring gathered even more. I made 4 rows of shirring and I’ll probably try 6 rows on my next Staple to cinch in the waist more. I made a size S but I might  try the XS next time like Janey.

I got my fabric in Chinatown for 12 sgd a meter (it was the last 3.x meters) and the Auntie even gave me her sample square of the fabric which was around 20×20 inches and this is what I used for the neck and sleeve bindings. I think I have a leftover enough for another top and bias bindings. Yay! It’s the softest and silkiest fabric I’ve ever worked on, it’s even softer than voile but the selvedge just said 100% cotton made in Japan. Now that I’m wearing it, I can see that it creases on the skirt area but the pattern is quite busy so it’s ok and it sort of reminds of a Nani Iro Painting Muji fabric so yes I love it!





And here it is with a belt (I wish I had a yellow belt or any coloured belt) which is how I wore it to work today:


I love love the drop hem!


And some construction photo details:



shirring! (I might be confident enough soon to try Rae’s Washi dress)




5 thoughts on “The Staple dress

  1. Looks great on you, I really like the dropped hem! I’ve started cutting out an extra small but with the straight hem but wish I chose the dropped hem now after seeing yours. I’m sure there’ll be plenty more I’ll be making though. I definitely recommend trying the washi dress. I’ve made three of those (I really should blog them!) and I’ve got more planned in my head!

    • Thanks Janey! I want to try the straight hem too! Can’t wait to see your next one. And yes please blog about those washi dresses of yours, I wanna see. 🙂

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