Shopping at Immanuel Fabrics

Hello! I’m back after 3 weeks of eating, drinking, walking, shopping and just plain having a good time in the UK. Muppet’s grandad was so happy to see her and it was nice spending time with a lot of Simon’s relatives and friends. England was so beautiful during summer, Simon calls it “a proper English summer”. We spent a few days in pretty Cotswolds, a lot of time in Burnley (Grandad lives in Worsthorne), a few days in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival (so much fun!) and a few precious quiet days (muppet stayed with Grandad yeah!) in Keswick in Lake District.

I haven’t sorted out the holiday photos but nevermind becaause this post is about this fabric shop I found in Burnley. It’s called Immanuel Fabrics and I found it on this blog and wow the shop was just brimming with fabrics! Did I forget to say super cheap fabrics? I bought 16 meters of printed jersey fabrics, 9 meters of viscose for 2 quid per meter. The most expensive one I bought was a home dec ikat-looking fabric for 4 quid a meter. They even have a room full of 1 quid fabrics though I didn’t buy anything there because I was already so overwhelmed. When Simon saw my fabrics, he said I should have bought meters and meters of solid plain fabrics and he was right. But I’m happy with my fabrics and there’s always next year. 🙂





she loves this jersey with pink and purple hearts



the loot! woot! (that’s Pendell hill on the right and lots of sheep on the left just at the back of Grandad’s house)

Now I’m busy washing the yummy fabrics but my sister-in-law who’s been to Java Indonesia recently sent me a message that she bought fabrics (must be batik) and she expects a skirt for her birthday which is in less than 2 weeks time. Yep she’s cheeky haha. But really nice (if ever you find my blog, Jo). So I’m currently reading this Megan Nielsen Kelly skirt pattern I bought months ago and I hope to make a skirt for me first just to see if I can make one for the birthday girl. I’ve never tried using interfacing though and never sewed buttons on or buttonholes or pockets so yup this should be fun. Any tips for using interfacing especially will be most appreciated. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Shopping at Immanuel Fabrics

  1. I sort of want to go on holiday to Burnley just to visit the fabric shop now! The Kelly skirt is a great pattern for beginners, I was so pleased the way it turned out and have made three others since my first (two of which were presents for two of my sisters too – they can be demanding can’t they?!). The only tip I would give is to not place the 3rd button (so the 1st one that isn’t on the waistband) too far away from the waistband otherwise it leaves a weird gaping but that can be solved with a hook and eye. Other than that, just take it slowly, no doubt you’ll make up more once you’ve made your first!

  2. Thanks Jacinta! When we go on holidays now, fabric shops will be part of the itinerary hehe. And yes, it’s time to start making something out of them :).

  3. Thanks for the Kelly tips, Janey! I’ll definitely take note of that 3rd button. I need to do a quick run to the fabric shop to get interfacing and hopefully finish the skirt this week. I actually found another fabric shop in Burnley called Oakmount Mill Shop and they have gorgeous fabrics. Karen also had a post about a fabric shop in Skipton which I’ll make sure to look for next time I visit. So if you ever go up north on your next holiday, better bring a big bag :).

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