The maroon Briar tshirt

This is my first Megan Nielsen pattern and I’m so impressed with the shirt’s fit on me. For my wearable muslin, I made a straight size S for the short sleeve & full length option. Working with a knit fabric for the first time was not easy for me because my machine didn’t seem to like twin needles or a zigzag stitch when I use my jersey needle (this is probably more of a user error haha). I think it didn’t help that my maroon fabric was so stretchy, the sewing machine tried to eat the fabric a few times. I tried to play with tension and stitch length and stitch width and I think I learned a lot sewing this, I hope my next Briars would be smooth sailing here on out. I’m already planning on cutting 2 different Briars tomorrow, one with a straight hem and one with a more subtle hi-lo curved hem.



Muppet saw me use my iphone’s timer camera and she had to join me


This is the only back view of the shirt I got. I think the fabric is too drapey, I’ll use not too stretchy fabrics next time

Zigzag stitch – I used: Tension – 6, Stitch width – 2.5, Stitch length- 1.8
Twin needle – I used: Tension -5, Sitch width – 0, Stitch Length – 2.5

The sums:

Megan Nielsen Briar pattern + shipping – 29.34 sgd (20 aud + 3 sud for shipping)
1 yard of 6o-inch wide maroon jersey – 12.90 sgd. I got it at Shin Textile Co #02-1086 People’s Park in Chinatown
Total: 42.24 sgd
Quite expensive for a tshirt but I’m planning to make ten more 🙂


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