A briar soon (I hope)

Work’s been crazy for weeks and weeks now. It’s really frustrating because I got a bunch of new patterns, lots of pretty fabrics but I just don’t have enough time to sew. I was able to almost finish one dress, a Wiksten Tova but just as I was about to attach the collar pieces – I realized I must have thrown them with all the rubbish. Ugh. And so I thought I’ll take a break from the Tova and try to make a Megan Nielsen Briar shirt. I’ve never tried sewing with knits before but I researched a lot before I started and got myself a jersey needle, twin needle and a walking foot.

I didn’t want to cut my original Briar paper pattern though so one weekend I got myself tracing papers in Chinatown. The shop’s name is Lye Nai Shiong #02-1018A at People’s Park and 50 pieces of A1 size (almost same size as the pattern) tracing papers was just 8 dollars! The tracing was quite fun, I traced the Briar last Saturday at work (I was only doing support so as long as there no issues inside the tunnel I can trace all day but we had lots of issues so only the Briar got traced).


Tracing Briar in our server room


I was hoping to trace all of my “beginner” patterns but I only had time for Briar

After work, my friend Anet asked me to meet her at People’s park Chinatown for some good old therapeutic fabric shopping and of course I said yes! A few Singaporean sewing bloggers like sewconvert always mention Thye Guan Textile #02-1006 for knits and jerseys so I really wanted to have a look. (I tried to go there before on a Sunday but they were closed)


I love their fabrics! I tried to control myself and just bought a few knits for a Mission maxi dress and a few more Briars.


Lay Keow, the owner of Thye Guan was so nice and sweet. I’ll definitely be back

And finally, I got to patch the square pocket last night! It was originally the curved pocket but I just got so fed up from using the seam ripper so square it is. I hope to finish the neck binding tonight. 🙂



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