Muppet’s aqua dress

After making 3 tops for me, I tried to be not so selfish and made a dress for muppet last weekend. Again, I got this pattern even before I bought a sewing machine. It’s a Heidi & Finn Pattern from Etsy. It’s called “The Perfect Little Party dress” and it’s supposed to be an easy sew. It wasn’t for me. The pattern said cut 4 bow strips (which were slanted at the end) but when it was time to put 2 strips right side facing each other, the slanted ends were of course facing opposite directions and I couldn’t sew them together. I had to cut 2 more strips to fix it. Other than that, most of my issues were my own fault. I used french seams everywhere but my fabric was not that thin so my seams looked bulky on some places especially the arm holes. And then when it was time to insert the elastic inside the casing, the safety pin opened while it was still inside the casing and pricked my finger. And to top it all, I didn’t read the instructions properly so instead of a seam allowance of 3/8, I used 5/8. Argh! I think that’s why the waistband was quite high. But the dress still turned out pretty cute and muppet twirled a lot while showing it to Simon.

I couldn’t get a proper photo of muppet while wearing the dress because she wouldn’t stop moving, here are some photos of her last night:


She didn’t want to wear it at first because it wasn’t pink


She was trying see the bow in the mirror


She likes to look at my sewing books


Pretty pink roses in the fabric, I’ll definitely make a top for me using this fabric


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