Green scout woven tee

I wore this top at work today. Not that you can see much of it once I wore my reflective vest. These days, I have to wear jeans and a shirt everyday to work because we might need to visit our site office. So goodbye to all my dresses for now and hello to an army of Grainline Studio’s scout woven tee. I’m planning to make another one this weekend and I hope the gray fabric I’m planning to use is much better than this green one. Actually now that I’m wearing it, it reminds of something I wear to bed. I added 2 inches at the “lengthen here”  line and made the size 4 but I think for the next one I’ll try the size 2 from the bust to the hips. I’m not changing the shoulders and sleeves size because the fit on my shoulders feels just right with this top. Oh, and I used french seam for all my seams even for the armholes thanks to Jen’s tutorial. I still can’t believe I made a top with sleeves! Yay!

And Happy Women’s day to all! My office has just let all the women leave early today, 3pm and there was not a woman left in the building. The guys are asking when is Men’s day haha. I’m not complaining though, I’m getting muppet early from her playgroup class and we can swim while the sun’s still up.



Our site office


Huge cranes




The sums:
Grainline Studio’s scout woven tee pattern – 6.50 usd (8 sgd)
1.5 meter of cotton lawn from Spotlight – 25.50 sgd

Total -33.50 sgd


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