Tiny pocket tank without the pocket

Okay, let me start this post by saying I love this top! I’ve worn it to the beach (Sentosa again) and it was very comfy and light. I used cotton voile which was so much nicer to wear than the quilting cotton I used for my Sorbetto top. The pattern instructions were very clear and Grainline Studio’s website even had a step by step post on how to make it. And of course, being such a newbie in all these I still had a few issues like how to get a nice, symmetrical and curved pocket and if I can use a continuous loop bias tape instead of cutting one long strip of fabric. I emailed the patternmaker (Jen) and I got my answers plus a few more suggestion: continuous bias tape – definitely yes, pocket advice – try doing a line of stitching along the fold line, the fabric will naturally want to bend there, press and take out the stitching. Other than that just careful pressing or you could just square off the pocket and go with that. How amazing is that?

In the end I decided to leave the pocket out because the top was already nice without it and Simon said he likes it without it. I will try the pocket next time, I already have a red cotton lawn reserved for it (it’s supposed to be for a dress for muppet, sorry muppet).




I’m not sure why the fabric is tugging a bit above my bustline. Could it be I chose a size that was too small for me? And I’m not so sure about that dart. Hmm.. Honestly, I think I wasn’t that accurate with my seam allowance so maybe that’s why. I still love it though.

The sums:
Grainline Studio’s Tiny pocket tank pattern – 6.50usd (8sgd)
1 meter of cotton voile from Spotlight – 16sgd

Total -24 sgd


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