Project #1: pillowcase dress for muppet

The tutorials I found online to make this dress said they can finish one dress in 30 minutes, I did it in 4 hours haha. I used a 1-meter 100% cotton fabric with a name “Take a holiday” and I’ve cut it exactly in half. Simon convinced me not to follow the instructions I found because it will take more time and I believed him, him who has never held a needle and thread in his life over the sewing experts. I didn’t know sewing an armhole could be that complicated. My stitches were so crooked at the armhole that Simon even cringed when I showed it to him. I was planning to use those convenient bias tapes but I bought a single fold instead of a double fold, in the end I still used it to cover up the stitches on the armholes and I think it worked.

I am happy with the outcome, and I was thrilled to see muppet wearing it. It was quite big on her so I think we might need to wait for a few more months before she can wear it.

Steps on how I did it: (do not follow this, I’m only writing it so I can laugh at it someday)
1. Cut 1-meter fabric in half. (this is for a 3 year old)
2. Use overlock stitch to the top and bottom edge of the fabric. I didn’t do it on the right and left edges because they were selvages (self-finished edges of a fabric so it shouldn’t fray? Maybe I should have had?)
3. Hem the entire bottom fabric. Iron.
4. Fold the fabric, right sides facing together, and stitch them together forming a tube of fabric. Iron.
5. Fold again, then draw a J-shape that will serve as the armhole. I used 2 inches by 4 inches. Then cut.
6. Apply overlock stitch on the armholes and then fold and stitch. This was the ugly part. Iron to make it look better but in my case it was still ugly.
7. Apply bias tapes by pinning them to the armholes. Stitch the bias tapes. Iron.
8. Fold 1 inch of fabric to use as the casing for the ribbon. Stitch down the casings. Iron.
9. Treat the ribbon by getting it close to a flame so it will not fray.
10. Thread the ribbons in the casings, stitch the ribbon in the middle of the casing so it won’t come out. Iron. I didn’t know sewing involves so much ironing! Ugh!

I used mostly her instructions:



the armhole which took me more than 1 hour to make




she had fun twirling in it

The sums:
1 meter fabric – 9 sgd (I used half meter only)
2 pieces of 44 inches ribbon – 60 cents
bias tape – 80 cents ( I used only 1/4 of it)
Total – 10.40 sgd


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