Hello blog!

Hehey, first post. A friend recently bought a sewing machine and within 2 weeks she was able to sew her own dress, I was so impressed that I bought a sewing machine last weekend (in fact I bought the exact same model as I figured she can teach me). I’ve been itching to sew a simple dress for my daughter and use the pretty fabrics I bought in Spotlight but Simon(the husband) insisted I practice first using his old boxer shorts. So for 2 nights, I’ve been practicing how to sew a button, and hem, and overlock stitch and I’m now sick of the sight of those red plaid boxer shorts. I’m ready to start to sew! I’ve decided to sew a very simple pattern which is the pillowcase dress. Here’s the easiest pattern I found. I promise to post a photo of the dress whether it’s a successful first attempt or a waste of pretty fabric. Wish me luck!

Expenses so far:
Brother NV30 – 589 sgd
2-year warranty extension – 89 sgd
7 meters of printed fabrics, coordinating threads, ric rac ribbons – 107 sgd


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